For this project, my job was to create an app, designed for parents to effortlessly keep track of their children’s vaccination schedules, and their own as well. 


Vaxx Check

My Role

UX/UI design for an app

What is Vaxx Check?

It is an app allowing the users to keep track and be reminded about upcoming mandatory and recomended vaccines for them and their children. It gives more information about the current and future vaccines, as well as needed vaccinnes during travelling. 

The Problem

In today’s fast pace of life, it is hard to keep track of multiple vaccination schedules, appointments and requirements for different ages, finding a reliable source of accurate and up-to-date information on vaccines.

I determined that the primary problem for clientswas keeping track on vaccine schedules- mandatory and recommended, up to date information on such vaccines, remembering revaccinations and appointments.

Planing Phase

After completing research and determining the problem, the next step was the planning phase where we created user personas, an MVP feature list, and user flows.

Meet Emily Johnson

32 years old working mom of two.

Looking for a user friendly platform, for keeping track of the kids vaccinations, get notifications for upcoming vaccinations and recommended ones, as well as having information on those vaccines. Having easy and fast info on vaccines in other countries, while traveling will be a perk.

„I prioritize my children’s health and want to make informed decisions about their vaccination needs.“

Obstacles Emily faces

  • Remembering to schedule and attend vaccination appointments amidst busy schedules.

  • Keeping track of multiple vaccination schedules and requirements for different ages.

  • Finding a reliable source of accurate and up-to-date information on vaccines.

  • Navigating vaccination requirements for international travel.

Emily is a working mom of two, jugling between work and kids. She needs a tool to keep track of hers and her childrens mandatory and recomended vaccines, boosters and follow up checks. Her goal is to manage it seemles. She loves travelling to exotic countries, but often she has to be prepared with additional vaccine shots. She needs a fast and reliable source of information about the vaccines on the market. 

“I feel responsible for staying up-to-date on vaccination requirements and recommendations.“


„‘It’s important for me to stay informed and make evidence-based decisions about vaccines.“

Emily's goals

  • I want to make informed decisions regarding my children’s vaccination needs. 

  • I need reminders for follow-up doses or booster shots.

  • I need the ability to share vaccination records with schools, doctors, and other caregivers.

  • I want a centralized platform to keep track of my children’s vaccinations.

  • I need information on vaccines required for travel to other countries.

User Flow

Vibrant Direction

Rounded buttons create a more calmer mood. Bright CTA buttons and clean, modern combination between Inter and Poppins typefaces reflect the goals of the app – helpful and simple.

When thinking about our users’ needs we understood that the vibrant, creative direction would appeal to our users more: they are busy and on the go,  so the mood that is conveyed through The Vaxx Check app should accommodate that.

Low Fi Prototyping

The first step in the design phase consisted of transforming the user flow into low-fi prototype and testing the flow out with users, making changes where necessary along the way.

After completing the low-fi prototyping and testing, I implemented the observed changes into the hi-fi prototype. Then proceeded to provide the same set of tasks created in the lo-fi testing phase for consistency purposes and made changes to the hi-fi prototype accordingly.


Hi -fi Prototyping

In conclusion, this project was very valuable to me as a full-stack design student. I had the opportunity to provide my UI skillset to the project and complete the full UX and UI design process. Although it is not complete as a project, I believe I have made the best considering the time frame and the skill set.

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