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Uchiteli.bg, Bulgaria’s premier platform for connecting students with tutors and teachers, recently underwent a significant UX/UI redesign. This case study examines the strategic process behind the redesign, the challenges faced, and the impact of the new design on user experience and platform performance.


Uchiteli.bg has established itself as a trusted resource for students seeking academic support and educators offering their services. However, user feedback and analytics revealed several areas for improvement in terms of usability, visual appeal, and overall user experience. To maintain its competitive edge and better serve its users, Uchiteli.bg embarked on a comprehensive UX/UI redesign project.


Enhance Usability: Simplify the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, catering to both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with digital platforms.

Improve Navigation: Design a more efficient navigation structure to help users find relevant information and services quickly.

Boost Engagement: Introduce features and design elements that increase interaction and retention for both students and teachers.

Modernize Aesthetics: Update the visual design to create a more modern, appealing look that resonates with the target audience.

Optimize Performance: Ensure the platform is fully responsive and performs well across various devices and screen sizes.

Current Look

Home Page
Search Page
Search Page with a Map
Profile Page

Understanding the competition

The approach to start with competitive analysis laid the framework to better understand who my direct competitors were in the online tutoring business and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

User personas

35 years old, High School teacher, from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Meet Martina

Martina is looking for a user-friendly platform, from which she can be hired for tutoring on various subjects like mathematics and biology, which are her specialty. She can also teach English and German.

„Flexibility and adaptability are essential when working with different students“


Create a profile highlighting my educational qualifications and teaching experience
Search for tutoring jobs in my local area or online platforms
Prepare lesson plans and materials for tutoring sessions
Assess individual student’s needs and develop personalized learning strategies


A user-friendly platform that allows me to easily create an attractive tutor profile
Advanced search filters to help me find tutoring jobs based on location, subjects, and availability
Automated scheduling and calendar integration for managing tutoring sessions
Integrated messaging system to communicate with potential students and discuss tutoring details

Pain points

Finding reliable and trustworthy tutoring job opportunities
Navigating competition from other tutors or tutoring agencies
Managing time effectively between tutoring and personal commitments

Meet Kristina

Kristina is looking for an online platform that connect students with teachers, so she can pass her exams with the best results possible.

„I want to excel academically and perform well in all subjects.“

17 years old, High School student, from Sofia, Bulgaria.


Search for available teachers and their expertise.
Compare prices and availability of different teachers.
Communicate with the teacher to discuss specific topics or concerns.
Manage and reschedule booked lessons.


Integrate a rating system for students to provide feedback on teachers’ performance.
Provide a comprehensive profile for each teacher, including qualifications, expertise, and teaching style.
Enable direct messaging or video chat capabilities between students and teachers for seamless communication.
Allow students to easily reschedule or cancel lessons within a reasonable timeframe.

Pain points

Finding qualified and reliable teachers in various subjects.
Dealing with schedule conflicts and finding convenient time slots for lessons.
Assessing the teaching style and compatibility with personal learning preferences.
Handling cancellations or rescheduling requests from either party.

Understanding Users Perspective

„It is just so very clustered as a website“

„I don’t get the overall theme and branding of the website“

„Do you book through the website, or is it like Yellow Pages?“

„I wish it can be a little more cleaner as a design“

„What is the goal here?“

I build a user-focused flow, to ensure that my personas can successfully complete their key objectives while reducing their existing pain points.

Wireframes: Ideating and early stages of design

After sketching and brainstorming ideas, I chose to delve into digitization. As I designed wireframes, I researched different tutoring platforms like Tutor.com and Preply.com. My goal was to create a modern and stylish website. Therefore, I gathered inspiration from different elements and integrated them into the next development phase.


At this phase, the project comes alive, signifying the exciting juncture where research meets design. Here, concrete data seamlessly intertwines with imaginative flair, culminating in the birth of a captivating new product.

With the brand name now firmly established, I have revamped the logo entirely and injected fresh vitality into the color palette. The outcome? A contemporary and youthful appearance that still exudes professionalism. It is crafted to attract attention and radiate style from every perspective.

Regarding the typography, leading the way is Neue Haas Grotesk, serving as our main typeface. It boasts a clean, contemporary look and offers excellent legibility. Complementing it is Jost,the secondary font, which imparts a hint of character and versatility to our visual identity.

Objectives Identified During Research Phase:

  1. Enhance User Experience: Develop a user-friendly, seamless experience for students and educators.

  2. Revamp Visual Aesthetics: Design a contemporary and captivating look that embodies the dynamic nature of education.

  3. Support Mobile Accessibility: Guarantee smooth operation on all devices, with a special focus on smartphones.

To facilitate navigation, I have developed three consecutive pages that direct users to the search page. These pages will emphasize the identification of key questions like category, subcategory (e.g., subject, course), and level.

A more simple and user-friendly menu bar, along with a streamlined and easily accessible filter bar.

An interactive map has been incorporated, in addition to the profile cards, enhancing the user experience by providing a more enjoyable and informative way to navigate and select a tutor.

The product’s evolution was thrilling to witness, but a crucial phase remained. I had to ensure my prototype was optimized for tablets and smartphones, not just desktop computers.

As evident, the website adapts seamlessly across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, demonstrating its responsive design.

Throughout the development process, modifications were implemented, culminating in the final version of the product, which can be observed below.

Reflections & Take-aways

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